Columbus Day Worst Holiday Ever

Columbus day a holiday celebrated by millions every year. What a joke. Christopher Columbus slaughtered millions in the so called name of progress and the crown. Now while he was only able to commit such atrocities due to the support of the queen which was easily obtained through promises of profitability. Now many of those promises were delivered but in no way was it peaceful or justified. With his manpower he successfully enslaved the entire island putting the men to work in the mines and women to work in the fields working them far harder then they should’ve been worked. Those who were not used to work on the island were shipped back to Spain in groups of about five hundred of which about two hundred would survive. Now if that was not bad enough life was considered so poor on the island of Hispaniola that mothers would often drown their children to save them the burden of living under Christopher’s “rule”. This is all conveniently swept under the rug during Columbus day a time of celebration over his great deeds for the world. ┬áThe only reason that he even has a holiday is due to the fact that in most societies there was no day celebrating a christian hero. Thus the church pushed for this to be created and they were answered. So enjoy the holiday where children celebrate the success of a mass murderer that made the society that they live in today.