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How Did Confederacy Affect Government Construction?


This topic is very different from my previous inquiry, which I feel will make me have a much more well rounded perspective on things. (You can find my previous inquiry here)

My character never really has a role in confederation, and thus I felt un-restricted on what topic I could choose.

Despite all the other disconnections, I feel that it still ties back to the topic I am currently exploring being human connections and principles. When I thought about why confederation was so successful, I felt a major component was the fear the fear that America would invade. So now while Canada didn’t form while under war, it was still under the chance of invasion.

Guiding Questions:

Did the time Canada have to form benefit its government?

How does Canada’s government compare to other countries?


When you look at Canada’s government, it was fairly well constructed. There is a definite power structure that represents the populous, but also has a less representative government that can provide a “sober second look” at any laws passed. There is a multi-party system so that everyone can have someone that represents their ideals, but unfortunately in recent years there has almost always been a majority government. Each province has their own matters where they can decide how to judge them, and only when granted more by the government do they get more.  Now most of this has remained the same since the days where it was originally formed, meaning that the time that Canada had to form their government benefited its structure.

Now lets look at another country that’s government was formed during war. For this paragraph we will be looking at the United States of America. Their government was formed during their rebellion against the British, and both of them were effectively at war during that time.  Now when you look at their government you can see an incredibly complex distribution of power within the different branches of government. You can also see a power struggle between the government and each states rights. This often leads to arguments between them, as each part will always want more power. Knowing that they were hard-pressed to form a government it seems that it did not happen without some flaws.

Now lets take a look at another country that formed during war. For this paragraph I would like to talk about the Dutch government. Their government was formed during war, but is arguably more functional than most. They have a multi-party system, but it was made so that no party would ever have a majority government. This ensures that multiple parties will need to all approve laws, meaning that they will be made so that it can benefit multiple kinds of people and not just the party in power. Now, with their multi-party system it also supports many parties ensuring that there will always be at least one party that shares your ideals. Despite having formed during war, it seems to have been formed well, and in my opinion, has significant benefits over both North American governments.


When you look at those three government examples, its unclear whether or not its formation circumstances had a lasting impact on its structure. Regardless of circumstance it seems that each government was formed with that nation’s ideas of how it should be run, and was not changed significantly since their creation.



Growing Up a Newfie: 1853

Today was my first time out on the ice. Not only was it my first time working with my father, and it was also the first time I killed a seal. I’ve never felt so alive! It’s no secret that it has become a right of passage for the men in the community, but even so I never expected it to feel so invigorating. My father always said that “your first kill will be something you remember ’till the day you die”, and I am quite certain he was right. The rush that came from watching the life fade from that seal’s eyes is indescribable.

I know that this business is one that I can really pour my heart into, and I look forward to my future in it. I don’t know where this work will take me, but I am certain that it will be somewhere I want to go.

Canada and Cultural Genocide

Cultural genocide is a term used to describe the deliberate destruction of the cultural heritage of a people or nation for political, military, religious, ideological, ethnical, or racial reasons.
In the early years of Canada, such atrocities were committed to the aboriginal peoples residing there. Today I am here to discuss how and why Canada committed cultural genocide.

When it came to committing genocidal acts, there are no shortage of examples. To commit cultural genocide, one must not only disrupt the traditions of the people, they must ensure that the children do not practice the traditions of, or even think like their predecessors. This was accomplished by displacing communities, forbidding certain languages and practices, and enforcing mandatory enrollment for aboriginal children in what Canada called “Residential Schools”.

Each of these acts are horrible and inhumane, but thankfully some of their culture survived, and the government is no longer intentionally committing such acts. Now while these are just a few examples of Canada’s actions, it is more than sufficient to say that Canada certainly attempted to commit cultural genocide. With that being said, it’s time to ask ourselves “why?”.

Early European settlers interacted with the aboriginals, and while under the crown few of the initial interactions were peaceful. The settlers wanted land from the “savages”, and the aboriginals merely wanted to leave in peace. The concept of land ownership was alien to them, so for it to be introduced and strictly enforced was brutal.

After Confederation, Canada once again expanded over aboriginal land. However this time it was for a tactical advantage against the United States of America, instead of just greed and the thrill of exploration. However, it was not only the land they took, but at this time residential schools began to exist.

When the school is on the reserve, the child lives with its parents, who are savages, and though he may learn to read and write, his habits and training mode of thought are Indian. He is simply a savage who can read and write. It has been strongly impressed upon myself, as head of the Department, that Indian children should be withdrawn as much as possible from the parental influence, and the only way to do that would be to put them in central training industrial schools where they will acquire the habits and modes of thought of white men.”                                     – John A. Macdonald 1879

At this point one can clearly determine that aboriginal culture was inferior to the European based culture the settlers had developed. It was this  thought that they were lesser that allowed the government to commit such horrible acts for what they saw as the greater good, without any admission of wrongdoing.

Ultimately when it came Cultural Genocide, it is no longer a secret to how many horrible acts Canada committed. While now the actions taken and reasons behind them seem horrid, hopefully we all can learn from the mistakes of the past to ensure a brighter future.


Archive, Franciscan. “Christopher Columbus: Log Excerpts.”

This website was quite interesting because it provided a translated version of Christopher Columbus’s logs, without speaking of any translation issues. It simply provides information, without providing any opinion of the material.

Monday, 6 August. The rudder of the caravel Pinta became loose, being broken or unshipped. It was believed that this happened by the contrivance of Gomez Rascon and Christopher Quintero, who were on board the caravel, because they disliked the voyage. The Admiral says he had found them in an unfavorable disposition before setting out. He was in much anxiety at not being able to afford any assistance in this case, but says that it somewhat quieted his apprehensions to know that Martin Alonzo Pinzon, Captain of the Pinta, was a man of courage and capacity. Made a progress, day and night, of twenty-nine leagues.

Confusion and Regret

Removing the monarchy was the only way to bring power back to the people, but… is this any better?

We have made the monarchy do things for us as citizens but yet people are still starving. There is still great (possibly greater) fear when it comes to the monarchy. People have fired on each other merely because of a gathering. Even while they may have thrown rocks at the soldiers that is no excuse for straight up killing fifty people!

I fear what the future might hold. Things have gotten worse as far as I am concerned and it seems that this will only escalate as time goes on. It is ironic no? we started this revolution so that people could have more rights yet no progress has been made that makes the populous happy. We have basically overthrown the monarchy, are making our own decisions when it comes to government and yet… PEOPLE ARE STILL STARVING.

What need be done? Tension is only growing stronger, paranoia is at an all time high and anger is all we mention these days. Those who do not share our own opinions are immediately branded as enemies and those who share are ideals are too often far from whom we would like to associate with.

What will become of the beautiful country that I once knew?

This all began in the hope of positive change and yet nothing comes to mind when it comes to progress. We are all in an endless spiral of pain and misery with no chance of being released. I pray that soon enough these politicians will be able to feed the people which was the original quest but still… this problem is something that still has no end in sight.

Mon Combat

There is stupidity and blindness everywhere I go. I Jean-Baptiste Rochambeau have worked so very hard to remove tyranny in any place it resides now find that it is my home that needs my help.

I was once sent away by the king to remove the tyrannical rule from America only to find that it has taken foothold in France as well. It is disgusting. As much as we returned successful in our quest, how can we be expected to solve others problems while the same problems plague our own house and home?

I wish for nothing more than peace and equality for all but monarchy seems to be the one thing that stands in the way of that. With both America and now France we no longer wish that a monarchy has such a dominant influence over everyone’s life.

We must rise above for if we do not the home we grew to love will fade into memory.

Elvis the King of Rock

Music has been an important factor relating to history since it began. Throughout the millennium there have been those who would experiment with new sounds and would be cheered for doing so. One of the most notable figures in the world of experimentation with music is Elvis Presley. He lived in poverty and moved around a lot during his early life claiming he would play music on the grandest stages in America. Little did they all know that he would actually end up as an incredibly successful musician.

Born on January 8th 1935 and died on August 16th 1977. Elvis Presley’s life was short but well lived. He lived in both Tupelo and Memphis during his early years and thus was exposed to different musical styles. He released his first single “Heartbreak Hotel” during January of 1956 and it quickly became a number one hit in the united states. However this may have been due to his sound was a combination of rock as well as soul. This blurred racial boundaries and thus made him popular but somewhat controversial as well.

On March 24th 1958 Elvis was inducted into the army. He could have easily became an entertainer for the troops and taken the “celebrity wimp out” but he refused and wished to be treated as an ordinary soldier. That choice is truly what keeps him as an ordinary Joe in my eyes and not just another self obsessed musician. He loved his music yes, but he was willing to risk his life for the rights and freedoms that he had become accustomed to. It is this moment where he surpasses countless others and thus should be recognized for it.  This was not the only opportunity he was given to leave ordinary military service either. He was offered in 1959 to join special services but he refused. He was determined to not be treated as anything more than a soldier and that is incredibly admirable. Now just because he was an ordinary soldier does not mean that he did not do extraordinary things while in service. Elvis Presley both donated his army wages to charity as well as bought televisions for his squad.

He did well by all those that he could and throughout his life did countless live performances. He recorded many songs and was dubbed “the king of rock” or simply “the king”. Unfortunately the king’s greatest weakness was his food addiction. Some say that he ate close to 100 000 calories a day and this lead to his tragic heart attack on August 16th 1977. By that point drugs and his food addiction had made him a shell of his former self. His death was tragic but by that point he had already lost his life.

I am looking forward to learning more about Elvis for many reasons. He has been my favorite musician for quite some time and thus learning more about the man behind the music is a fascinating idea. Another reason that I wish to learn more about him is related to the fact he was a humble person that refused to dodge military service. He was willing to face his problems head on and that is something that this entire world could use more of. This quality in anyone is not only admirable it is respectable and thus I hope to honor it and the person that he was during this project.

All in all Elvis Presley life was short but bright and I hope that he will be remembered for his success and not his shortcomings.

Why was religion key to history?

Religion. It is the one thing that countless attempt to use to answer questions that cannot be answered. In modern day society science can be used to explain a couple of things that relate to our existence. But in history and during the English civil war religion drove people to do insane things to prove their ideals.

Violence relating to religion is a theme that was to common then and it is to common now. Then it was in some ways an all out war between the two sides and nobody thought that this was strange. Now it still brings forth fear in people with terrorism and terrorist groups. Back in the middle ages ages it was protestant and catholic. Nowadays its any group that we deem harmful such as Isis, or any group that is harmful to others. But did they and do we have the right to harm them in retaliation?

With history religion is far more dominant as a cause for action is greater then anything else. There were rulers who would form new religions so that what they wished could be done because what they previously believed did not suit their needs. But the question is if you are willing to change certain rules what will stop you from changing others? If you change the world so that you like it better who else can and will do so?

In the end religion has and is a powerful motivator for countless people all around the world. But as the world changes can and how will religion change with it?

Columbus Day Worst Holiday Ever

Columbus day a holiday celebrated by millions every year. What a joke. Christopher Columbus slaughtered millions in the so called name of progress and the crown. Now while he was only able to commit such atrocities due to the support of the queen which was easily obtained through promises of profitability. Now many of those promises were delivered but in no way was it peaceful or justified. With his manpower he successfully enslaved the entire island putting the men to work in the mines and women to work in the fields working them far harder then they should’ve been worked. Those who were not used to work on the island were shipped back to Spain in groups of about five hundred of which about two hundred would survive. Now if that was not bad enough life was considered so poor on the island of Hispaniola that mothers would often drown their children to save them the burden of living under Christopher’s “rule”. This is all conveniently swept under the rug during Columbus day a time of celebration over his great deeds for the world.  The only reason that he even has a holiday is due to the fact that in most societies there was no day celebrating a christian hero. Thus the church pushed for this to be created and they were answered. So enjoy the holiday where children celebrate the success of a mass murderer that made the society that they live in today.