In-Depth #6: Build-Up Brittney

Since my last post I have met with my mentor again, and we have ordered the parts for my own custom computer. Right now I have dubbed her “Build-Up Brittney” seeing as I’ll be taking a pile of parts and turning them into my own computer.

Now it took a while to fully conceive of Brittney, but I am looking forward to her arrival. It was surprisingly easy to come up with my build because I had already learned about what goes into a computer. I honestly think that choosing my graphics card (smooth gaming chip) was the hardest thing to do! At first it was quite simple to choose parts, I knew I wanted a sleek case, a decent ssd, one good ram stick, and a beast of a graphics card. When I initially finished just those parts it was already 1600$. Now, I still had to add the cpu, motherboard, fan and power supply. That was also under the assumption I would not want a official operating system as well!

This is where I significantly needed to alter my plan, as my budget was 1250$ at most. To start off, I made sure to get a cheap motherboard, fan and power supply as they don’t need to be as powerful in order to get a fast computer. A motherboard can make a difference, but for the most part it comes down to the quality of the other parts communicating with it. Now is when I needed to start making some serious cuts to the other parts I had selected. I had to switch from my first case idea to something a lot cheaper but, knowing every part can eventually be replaced it wasn’t too hard to see it go. After that it was just the questions of how cheap can I go without sacrificing what I wanted that part to be capable of. One of the ways my mentor saved me during this process was he reminded me that I still had a network adapter I bought for Sally, which saved me 75$ and a lot of hair pulling.

Unfortunately a couple of days after I ordered everything, I found out that my back-ordered graphics card was out of stock. Not only that but the manufacturer was no longer making them making it impossible to get my hands on one. They presented me with two alternatives, which amusingly enough were two different versions of the same card. The only difference other than 30$ was the fact that one of them had an additional 4 gigabytes of ram. Naturally I chose the more expensive board as I was certain I would not be getting a refund, but also that this card was actually a small upgrade on the one I had previously. Also the new card comes with a free installation of Doom :-) !

At the time I post this (Thursday April 13th 2017), some of the parts have already begun to come in. My case, hard-drive, cpu-cooler/heatsink, and thermal paste. The rest of it is scheduled to arrive before the next meeting with my mentor, but I am not entirely confident that it will. But nevertheless, my custom computer is within reach, and I am so excited to watch it all come together on In–Depth night!!

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  1. You have learned a lot so far. Start thinking about how you are going to share this during in-depth night. Analysis of this week’s De Bono’s concepts?

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