How Did Confederacy Affect Government Construction?


This topic is very different from my previous inquiry, which I feel will make me have a much more well rounded perspective on things. (You can find my previous inquiry here)

My character never really has a role in confederation, and thus I felt un-restricted on what topic I could choose.

Despite all the other disconnections, I feel that it still ties back to the topic I am currently exploring being human connections and principles. When I thought about why confederation was so successful, I felt a major component was the fear the fear that America would invade. So now while Canada didn’t form while under war, it was still under the chance of invasion.

Guiding Questions:

Did the time Canada have to form benefit its government?

How does Canada’s government compare to other countries?


When you look at Canada’s government, it was fairly well constructed. There is a definite power structure that represents the populous, but also has a less representative government that can provide a “sober second look” at any laws passed. There is a multi-party system so that everyone can have someone that represents their ideals, but unfortunately in recent years there has almost always been a majority government. Each province has their own matters where they can decide how to judge them, and only when granted more by the government do they get more.  Now most of this has remained the same since the days where it was originally formed, meaning that the time that Canada had to form their government benefited its structure.

Now lets look at another country that’s government was formed during war. For this paragraph we will be looking at the United States of America. Their government was formed during their rebellion against the British, and both of them were effectively at war during that time.  Now when you look at their government you can see an incredibly complex distribution of power within the different branches of government. You can also see a power struggle between the government and each states rights. This often leads to arguments between them, as each part will always want more power. Knowing that they were hard-pressed to form a government it seems that it did not happen without some flaws.

Now lets take a look at another country that formed during war. For this paragraph I would like to talk about the Dutch government. Their government was formed during war, but is arguably more functional than most. They have a multi-party system, but it was made so that no party would ever have a majority government. This ensures that multiple parties will need to all approve laws, meaning that they will be made so that it can benefit multiple kinds of people and not just the party in power. Now, with their multi-party system it also supports many parties ensuring that there will always be at least one party that shares your ideals. Despite having formed during war, it seems to have been formed well, and in my opinion, has significant benefits over both North American governments.


When you look at those three government examples, its unclear whether or not its formation circumstances had a lasting impact on its structure. Regardless of circumstance it seems that each government was formed with that nation’s ideas of how it should be run, and was not changed significantly since their creation.



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