The One, The Only, Biblography!

1. Starting Information on George Lucas

2. Starting Information on his first big hit “American Graffiti”

3. Failing to get an interview

4. Information on George Lucas’s opinions and speech

5. Who would’ve thought? More information on George Lucas

6. A basic idea for Star Wars

7. A look at Red Tails

8. An idea for my speech followed by the trailer

And these were the main resources I used throughout my project.

Its Over! Eminent Reflection 2016

Eminent is over (finally) and I couldn’t be happier. Not only was I able to help the night be a huge success, I managed to perform my speech better than I thought possible. I honestly believe that because of “unintentional genius” that speech was elevated to a level that I did not think it could have been. I was happy every time I managed to assist someone else, and ultimately I am glad with how the evening went.

Lets start things off with the setup of the evening. I managed to show Lucas where the ramps were, and assist with the removal of three tables. After that came learning center setup and applying costume. While my learning center went up without a hitch, Alicia (who was beside me) was plagued with trouble. The paper on her walls constantly fell, and eventually we halved the amount of paper there and proceeded to only have paper on the lockers. During this time I also got dressed, tried to get my hair to go down, and gave the remainder of my white hair spray to Francisco. Unfortunately there was little to none left when I gave it to him, making it relatively useless.

And  now, what I would deem as the most memorable part of the evening, speeches. Things did not go as planned, and I couldn’t have been happier. For the intro of my speech, I opened a bottle of “beer” that I took swigs of throughout the speech. However, it was a bottle of root beer, which I pretended to take swigs of during practice. While doing so, I ultimately shook it greatly to the point where it erupted in the middle of my speech. Now this was not much of a problem as after I noticed it, I attempted to time my drinking with its eruptions. However, that too caused problems because the beverage did include bourbon extract leaving my throat and (due to bubble ups) nose with a distinct burning sensation. It was because of this and the fact that my beer was leaking, to laugh once or twice during my speech. The first time I managed to stifle it in drinking. Unfortunately the second time, I did laugh noticeably and forgot my next line because of it. However at that point my angry little speech had become something truly comedic, which stood out more than I could have hoped for. The speech is something I hope to remember forever, as it was something truly magnificent.

After speeches, I had a truly wonderful time at my learning center. I managed to talk to many people about George Lucas and his work, as well as convince a “Trekkie” about in what ways Star Wars was superior to Star Trek. I was also happy to feed many people countless cookies which were in the shapes of various Star Wars characters and ships. While few people had even heard of his lesser known works, I do believe I managed to implant the seed of interest within most. I was happy with my time there, and managed to share a great number of laughs with some of the Talons Alumni that came around.

During cleanup, I managed to show a couple of nines how to bring down cafeteria tables, as well as bring many food tables from upstairs to storage. I also assisted with food cleanup by sorting and placing the remaining food items in the fridge. I was quite happy with how cleanup went, although from the comments from others, this feeling was not universal.

All in all I found myself quite pleased with how the evening went and I look forward to watching it all next year.

Library Post 2016

This year the library experience was very different, for many different reasons. While this year I did not walk away with any book, I still feel that I left with a great deal of knowledge. For this time I feel that I got a much greater feel for the nines than I ever had access to previously.


As I stood in in front of the library, I found my mind looking back to all of my hopes, dreams and fears that came with being a new talons student. But this year, I no longer feel the same way. The memories came with an essence of accomplishment that dampened the fear that came with them.


I came into the trip with little intention to get a book, but instead to enjoy and relive the experiences I had last year. The library was magnificent once again, but it was not as intimidating as it was last year. While once it had represented everything that I do not yet know, it now felt much closer to a challenge. Questioning what I have and what I will accomplish outside of its walls.

MacLeod’s bookstore was awe-inspiring as always. But it too felt different from last year. It seemed more friendly than it was last year. There was no pressure or fear to accomplish something while I was there, this time I was there simply to enjoy myself.  This was not entirely what I had expected. I had guessed that it would no longer be a stressful experience, with that gone I found myself disconnected from the entire experience. No book managed to intrigue me, and because of that I did not purchase anything while I was there.

Throughout it all I was able to connect with a couple grade nines, and on that alone I was glad that I went.