In-Depth Post Number Six

Well its one month away from In-Depth night and I am both exhilarated and frightened by it. While it is an opportunity to properly show my programming prowess I am not certain on how others will look at it. Those who don’t know much about it will likely overate what I have been able to accomplish and those who have worked in this field for a long time will likely consider it a waste of time for it changes drastically every couple of yours. However beyond my worry I am still excited to construct my learning center and show everyone I have done.

So, my learning center is something I’m looking forward to piece together. My ideas currently have led me to place at least two computers and as many monitors as I can get a hold of to display code I have created both in action and not. Provided I have enough screens I intend to display my code in chronological order from left to right starting with items that I created before this project and then ending with my last piece of code. But either way it should be an eventful night and I look forward to seeing how everything is going to fall together.

In-Depth Post NĂșmero cinco

A lot has happened in my in depth project recently. To start with, when I saw that I was not learning about web-based programming the way I wished I asked my mentor about it. He said simply “You are asking for the tools to build a bridge without knowing how to construct your own blueprints.” It was then that he reinforced the need for learning the basics of object orientated programming as well as a good amount of application based programming.

At first I found this news somewhat crushing but then I realized not only was this an opportunity to expand my knowledge into more currently relevant fields but it also means that Mike is truly guiding this project into what is best for me.

Currently there is not much more I can do to try to accelerate my learning short of creating a nest for myself where I can code all day with minimal to no social contact. So thus I feel that my project is moving along at a nice pace despite that it is not how I saw it moving.

So in the past week or two we have been working on application based programming made in android studio. Most recently he has introduced me to the command currentTimeMillis() which gives you the time. In milliseconds. Starting the count from 1970. So you can imagine how it would be difficult to wield for the value that it produces is just one number and means practically nothing to you or any user that you spew that info on. Thus he got me to problem solve how to use it and I managed to put it into an app that would measure the average of how quickly you could press the button. By taking a snapshot of the time after you press the button and then subtracting that from when you press it next you are able to get the number of milliseconds that it took for you to press the button. Creating that system was easier than one might think but it still was incredibly difficult to create and I am grateful that Mike took a hands off approach when it came to this project for I am quite proud of creating it.