In-Depth: How things have gone down

These past few weeks have been both incredibly informative and curious. As hectic as times are right now we have both managed to still find time to work and thus I have learned much. While  attempting to discover the semi-hidden world that lies in the internet, we have found that he and I have very different programming styles.

For the most part I prefer to use variables as mechanisms to enable and disable pieces of code, whereas Mike prefers to use much more complex statements that will allow functions to only trigger when varying conditions are met. Its fascinating to see how our different styles conflict horribly, but also how they create some truly magnificent lines of code. While for the moment I am merely learning new commands and testing them, it is easy to see how this new knowledge will be able to create something amazing.

While the physical computer knowledge is useful, learning how to properly use the one on one sessions we have will be much more useful down the road. While in the short term perspective learning a slight bit more about things behind the screen might seem tempting, it will be those who know how to work more efficiently with their mentor that will be able to get more out of this project. While the knowledge component is clear the people skills one can obtain are arguably far more valuable than almost any knowledge.

I believe that me and Mike make a great duo for not only to we provide a unique blend of programming styles but we seem to see eye to eye on many things which will only prove more valuable as time goes on.