Confusion and Regret

Removing the monarchy was the only way to bring power back to the people, but… is this any better?

We have made the monarchy do things for us as citizens but yet people are still starving. There is still great (possibly greater) fear when it comes to the monarchy. People have fired on each other merely because of a gathering. Even while they may have thrown rocks at the soldiers that is no excuse for straight up killing fifty people!

I fear what the future might hold. Things have gotten worse as far as I am concerned and it seems that this will only escalate as time goes on. It is ironic no? we started this revolution so that people could have more rights yet no progress has been made that makes the populous happy. We have basically overthrown the monarchy, are making our own decisions when it comes to government and yet… PEOPLE ARE STILL STARVING.

What need be done? Tension is only growing stronger, paranoia is at an all time high and anger is all we mention these days. Those who do not share our own opinions are immediately branded as enemies and those who share are ideals are too often far from whom we would like to associate with.

What will become of the beautiful country that I once knew?

This all began in the hope of positive change and yet nothing comes to mind when it comes to progress. We are all in an endless spiral of pain and misery with no chance of being released. I pray that soon enough these politicians will be able to feed the people which was the original quest but still… this problem is something that still has no end in sight.

Mon Combat

There is stupidity and blindness everywhere I go. I Jean-Baptiste Rochambeau have worked so very hard to remove tyranny in any place it resides now find that it is my home that needs my help.

I was once sent away by the king to remove the tyrannical rule from America only to find that it has taken foothold in France as well. It is disgusting. As much as we returned successful in our quest, how can we be expected to solve others problems while the same problems plague our own house and home?

I wish for nothing more than peace and equality for all but monarchy seems to be the one thing that stands in the way of that. With both America and now France we no longer wish that a monarchy has such a dominant influence over everyone’s life.

We must rise above for if we do not the home we grew to love will fade into memory.

Socials Midterm

Socials in the Talons program has been one of the best learning experiences of my life. First off socials is no longer just memorizing names of people and what they did we are asking why they did it and also what others thought of them and how this affected them. Instead of focusing in on the deeds of people and beginning to grasp who they are, we learn who they are and from there we determine why they did the things that they did. We are also able to focus in on the themes of human action instead of just glossing over it.

For this half of the unit the idea I am choosing to focus on is Emerging ideas and ideologies profoundly influence societies and events. Now while the idea seems so very complex all it means is new ideas can change everything. If a new idea is supported by enough people it will change the world, whether it be by changing attitudes, government or even how one conducts themselves in their daily lives, change will happen.

Now throughout history there has been more than a few things that new ideas have changed. New ideas can easily bring about revolutions that remove discriminatory policies. One of the most recent of these revolutions was the equal rights for persons of colour. Now while my eminent person project on Elvis Presley may not seem to be related in any way I assure you that he may have been the first step in equal rights.

For one thing Elvis’s music combined both gospel and soul with guitar music to create a form of rock and roll. Now since both of those styles of music were traditionally performed by persons of colour, now that a white man was performing it people were able to listen to it without discrimination amongst their peers. Now while that may not seem like much even the link of music that they both enjoy even if only on a subliminal level made them seem equal.

Now to be able to make those connections was no easy task. First off, you need to be able to both gather the information about your person while looking at significant events during their lifetime. Then you need to be able to figure out what the public opinion was on these hot button issues as well as determine whether that issue in particular was the most important. From there one needs to be able to assess it all and then display that knowledge. For without being to show learning there is no proof that you actually did find anything.

All in all, that was what I have learned thus far. While I was unfortunately not able to use any work example other than the eminent person project I still believe that this was an accurate representation of my learning thus far this year. I’m glad to have gotten this point and I look forward to what more I will learn as we finish this unit.