In case anyone else is looking for places to look for info on Elvis I have left a short list of websites and books that I looked through to find info for my project.

I was able to use this page to find out one of Elvis’s commanding officers who I used as my point of view in my speech.

This one is incredibly straightforward it was used so that I could learn more about him in preparation for cross referencing.

Also straightforward, it provided info on what his military service looked like pre- cross referencing.

Was used as a launchpad from which I found various links to images that I used throughout my project.

Was used both for info as well as listening to music.

Were both used for more thorough information about Elvis’s military service.

Elvis: What Happened?

Published July 12th 1977 By: Steve Dunleavy

Was used to look at the darker side of his career from about as close a source as you can get for it was written by a former bodyguard of his.

Those were the information sources that I used throughout my Elvis project and I hope that it was all you needed.


While people have been able to pass on stories vocally physical documentation of events and struggles has been a surefire way to preserve your thoughts.

The eminent person study has been a struggle at every corner, more challenges at every turn, heck even the straightaways have been directly into molasses. Now despite those troubles we have been asked to talk about our document of learning which realistically can be seen as the entire project. So throughout this post (if you actually read it through) you will be able to read about my goals for my speech and learning center and what made them troublesome to accomplish.

Starting my speech I hoped that it would be powerful and that it would fit cleanly in the center of time limits. Very quickly I ran into to many problems to keep track of. The first problem (and also the last problem) with my speech was that it was actually to short! I figured if anything my speech would be to long. So throughout the entire writing process I worked incredibly hard so that I could put in more details and emotions so that it would meet the minimum of five minutes. About halfway through when I had finished my fourth fifth and then sixth speech draft my computer decided that it should crash. In an instant I lost hours of hard work with no way to recover it. Now while I am sure that many of you are thinking that auto save protected the lost work I assure you that it did not. Eventually I managed to re write the speech but it never felt like the sixth draft did. Now as difficult as that seems my learning center was easier but little did I know that it should not have been.

I had little to no idea of what could actually be done for my learning center until the day before eminent. Unfortunately by that point it was already to late to improve what was there significantly enough to make mine as good as it could have been.  So after quietly weeping after realizing how far away others projects were in comparison to mine, I vowed that mine will be so much better next year.

Thoughts and Actions

People. People are always thinking about how the world will go on without your contributions. Will history even remember what you did throughout your life? The answer is that people may not remember but your actions will live on long past anyone you know. We are constantly shaping those who surround us and they also in return, shape us. It is us who define each other, it is us who influence our friends  suggestions and thus it is through actions that we will live on. For the suggestions that you influenced no matter how insignificant they may seem can always amount to something far greater than anyone.

Many weeks ago we started a project so that we may study someone and how their actions affected the world. Now while there was much work to be completed it all led up to Night of the Notables or Notn for short. This was an event organized by the students that showcases both the grade nine and the grade tens work on who they thought changed the world.

Night of the notables will be something that nobody can afford to forget. Whenever anyone can get sixty people working towards a common goal without anyone deviating from the plans or refusing to participate, you know that you have something truly special. That night everyone was both working to fulfill their own duties but whenever it was possible everyone would assist anyone when needed. I have never seen or felt such a feeling of community like that before. Some jobs to help organize may have been completed long before the night started does not mean that those people would slack off in any way. If you a set of hands and claimed you had nothing to do you would immediately be handed so much work you questioned how you never saw it before. Now while it may seem that the entire event is just controlled chaos i can assure you that there are few things farther from the truth. While some minor things were not completed until just before they were required to be done, that in no way affected the evening negatively. Now while everyone was quite productive there are some who I would like to specifically recognize for their contributions. First off I would like to recognize Hamilton for being able to instantly decide to help set up Notn rather than go to the basketball game. Brian was someone who helped me and Hamilton bring up the food tables which was no easy task and thus he also deserves recognition for doing so. Now while those are the ones I would like to specifically recognize everyone did so much to contribute and on the off chance they end up reading this I would just like to say thank you. Now while the people were magnificent the event itself was incredible the work itself was also quite “notable”.Capture


Going into school that morning I firmly believed that my learning center was well thought out and executed. Little did I know just how much thought and detail everyone had put into theirs which quickly managed to make mine pale in comparison. While I had met my goals I did not know just how much blood, sweat and tears went into everyone else’s. Next time I am certain of what more I can and will do in order to improve the pitiful display that I had this time.