Why was religion key to history?

Religion. It is the one thing that countless attempt to use to answer questions that cannot be answered. In modern day society science can be used to explain a couple of things that relate to our existence. But in history and during the English civil war religion drove people to do insane things to prove their ideals.

Violence relating to religion is a theme that was to common then and it is to common now. Then it was in some ways an all out war between the two sides and nobody thought that this was strange. Now it still brings forth fear in people with terrorism and terrorist groups. Back in the middle ages ages it was protestant and catholic. Nowadays its any group that we deem harmful such as Isis, or any group that is harmful to others. But did they and do we have the right to harm them in retaliation?

With history religion is far more dominant as a cause for action is greater then anything else. There were rulers who would form new religions so that what they wished could be done because what they previously believed did not suit their needs. But the question is if you are willing to change certain rules what will stop you from changing others? If you change the world so that you like it better who else can and will do so?

In the end religion has and is a powerful motivator for countless people all around the world. But as the world changes can and how will religion change with it?

3 thoughts on “Why was religion key to history?”

  1. It was a nice post, nice speculation, but it would have been nice if you could have included some PLO’s. Nice questions though!

  2. Hi Anthony,
    I agree with your statement about how violence related to religion was common back in the day and still is common now. I discussed this a little bit in my blog post as well.
    I am interested in if you could expand on your last question, “as the world changes can and how will religion change with it?” How do you think religion and war will change in upcoming years? Do you think things will improve or get worse?

  3. Very interesting questions. Would love to hear your opinions on them. Really like how you’ve related past events to present ones with examples!

    Do you think having more religions is a good thing or more of a bad thing? On the one hand, having more religions=more options and we just love having options and freedom. But at the same time, too much freedom can be a bad thing, as we can see through the delightful Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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