Thoughts On Everything

What makes us humans different from animals? The ability to ask questions. The fact that we are able to ask and attempt to discover why things are the way they are and even possibly changing them. Now while answering questions is wonderful there are many that cannot be answered until much further down the road of human progress. The largest question that everyone has asked themselves is why are we here? For what do we exist to say or do?  And the answer is of course we don’t know. Nobody has a way to find out why we exist or what we exist to do. But yet we as humans thirst for answers we have put countless hours each thinking about all we know and trying to figure out that cannot be answered. However because of the nature of the human mind it needs an answer and many find that answer in religion. Every religion has their answer to how we got here and why we exist. But now science has the answer to how we exist but yet it cannot explain what each person is supposed to do. Now it cannot be explained because there is no answer. Each person is supposed to find that answer for themselves nobody can tell you who to be or what to do. The point of existence has one guaranteed and irrefutable answer simply to exist. A scientific man would say that the point of existence is to pass down your knowledge to the next generation to guarantee the future of humanity. A religious man would say it is your duty to spread the word of god. An atheist would say you should pursue your desires no matter the cost. So that is where our lives are supposed to find meaning but can anyone ever really find meaning in life with the distractions that we all consume.

Those are my thoughts on the meaning of life. But there are countless other thought provoking questions that I didn’t have time to write about so I’ve listed them here for you.

If you could say anything to the world what would you say? What could possibly be said to knock sense into the world?

If you had all the money you could ever want what would you do? What would you do? Who would you try to protect? What would you repair with the money obtained?

Are you holding onto something that you need to let go of? What’s stopping you? What could you do to let go of it?

What is the last thing that you’ve done that’s really worth remembering? What makes it worth remembering while other things are not?

What is worth doing today to improve yourself? Why is this beneficial to you?

Now these are some of the countless questions that keep me puzzling every day and i feel that many others should ask themselves these questions. Many people can help you figure out answers to these questions but can those people guide you to the answers that are the best for you or will they tell you what they think you want to hear? I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on what cannot be explained and please leave comments below on your thoughts.



Columbus Day Worst Holiday Ever

Columbus day a holiday celebrated by millions every year. What a joke. Christopher Columbus slaughtered millions in the so called name of progress and the crown. Now while he was only able to commit such atrocities due to the support of the queen which was easily obtained through promises of profitability. Now many of those promises were delivered but in no way was it peaceful or justified. With his manpower he successfully enslaved the entire island putting the men to work in the mines and women to work in the fields working them far harder then they should’ve been worked. Those who were not used to work on the island were shipped back to Spain in groups of about five hundred of which about two hundred would survive. Now if that was not bad enough life was considered so poor on the island of Hispaniola that mothers would often drown their children to save them the burden of living under Christopher’s “rule”. This is all conveniently swept under the rug during Columbus day a time of celebration over his great deeds for the world.  The only reason that he even has a holiday is due to the fact that in most societies there was no day celebrating a christian hero. Thus the church pushed for this to be created and they were answered. So enjoy the holiday where children celebrate the success of a mass murderer that made the society that they live in today.